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Miley Cyrus V. Jennifer Aniston: Stylist Takes Side In Hair Feud

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aniJennifer was reportedly furious that her hairstylist of 20 years Chris McMillan was focusing on Miley’s image instead of hers, said a report on Jan. 7. Chris took to Instagram on Jan. 9 to respond — see where his allegiance lies below!

Rumor had it that Jennifer Aniston gave Chris McMillan an ultimatum — stop working with Miley Cyrus and focus on me! The Radar Online report says she wasjealous of all the headlines Miley was getting after Chris re-invented her with her now famous pixie haircut. Has Chris picked a favorite lady? What he posted on Instagram might surprise you!

Miley Cyrus & Jennifer Aniston’s Hair — Chris McMillan Responds To Feud

It seemed like Chris was making it known Jen was his number one girl when he posted a gorgeous photo of her on his Instagram around midnight on Jan. 9. He wrote: “#perfecthairday @livingproof #jenniferaniston.”

Miley Cyrus And More Without Makeup

We thought the mystery was solved and that he was responding to the feud, showing Jen that she was his top client. But you won’t believe what happened next!

Chris Instagrams A Pic To Miley

As if he didn’t want to offend his other superstar client, Chris posted a photo about 12 hours later on Jan. 9, writing: “#freethenipple @ftnlives
#support #friends #equality
#nipples #nips #ti**ies

The “Free The Nipple” campaign is somethingMiley has also been vocal about and it seems like this photo is a subtle message that he still loves Miley.

Do you think Chris needs to choose one star client or is this whole thing crazy because every hairstylist in the world has more than one client?Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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