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Lamar Odom: Why He Doesn’t Regret ‘Mistakes’ He Made In His Marriage

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lamarLamar says his life is a continual learning experience and he doesn’t regret ‘mistakes’ he’s made in the past, including those he made in his failed marriage to Khloe Kardashian, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Lamar Odom knows he wasn’t the perfect husband to Khloe Kardashian, but he is ready to put the past behind him and focus on getting his life back on track in 2014. Lamar is not the kind of guy who lives life “sweating the small stuff,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Lamar Odom’s Marriage ‘Mistakes’ — He Doesn’t Regret Choices After Khloe Split

Lamar, 34, and Khloe, 29, had a four-year marriage with many highs and some pretty extreme lows. Lamar knows he’s the primary reason why their marriage failed but he has absolutely NO regrets, a source close to the former NBA star EXCLUSIVELY.

“What’s done has already been done and both he and Khloe have to live with the results of both their mistakes and choices,” the source says. ”There’s not a blueprint for a perfect marriage. It’s a continual journey and you make mistakes along the way.”

We’re glad Lamar isn’t beating himself up over his past mistakes, but we hope he is at least reflecting on them!

Lamar Odom: Why He’s Not Looking Back

Lamar isn’t trying to be stubborn or arrogant about his marriage, the source insists. Instead, we’re told it’s just the way he views life — Lamar has always been a man who never looks back.

“He’s not the type of man who lives life regretting this and that and sweating the small stuff,” the source said. “It’s his path and he’s going to walk it the only way he knows how.”
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