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Mila Kunis “Jealous” of Ashton Kutcher’s Relationship With Selma Blair?

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161611527-300x239Mila Kunis is “jealous” of Ashton Kutcher’s “close friendship” with Selma Blair, reports OK!

The magazine, which has a spotty track record when it comes to the couple, quotes a so-called “source” who claims, “Mila says he talks to Selma more than he does to her.”

According to the tabloid, Kutcher supposedly told Kunis the alleged chats are “strictly business discussions about Selma possibly appearing on his CBS series, ‘Two and a Half Men,’ next season.”

However, the “insider” adds, “That hasn’t stopped Mila from getting irate about his late-night, very flirtatious calls to Selma.”


This story is complete nonsense.

Kutcher and Blair have been friends since they starred in Down to You together in 2000, and there’s absolutely nothing romantic going on between them.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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