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Justin Bieber: How He’s Helping Selena Gomez With Her Lupus Battle

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biberWhen Selena canceled her tour, Justin did something very sweet and that was what convinced her to spend a romantic weekend with him!

Selena Gomez can definitely depend on Justin Bieber. Justin picked up the phone and called Selena the moment he heard she had canceled her Australian tour, according to Life & Style.

Justin Bieber Supports Selena Gomez During Lupus Battle

Justin wanted to let Selena know that he cares about her and see how she was doing.

“Justin reached out to Selena after she canceled the tour,” a source tells Life & Style. “He wanted to make sure she was OK and healthy. He cares about her a lot.”

This is so sweet! We told you that Lupus can cause extreme fatigue, achy joints and memory loss. But does this emotional reunion mean that the lovebirds are back together for good?

“I don’t know if they’ll get back together,” the source adds. “But he wanted to see her and spend time with her.”

Selena & Justin’s Vacation At Beach Resort

Justin and Selena vacationed at the Seascape Beach Resort, in Santa Cruz on Jan. 6, and they were spotted by fans riding around on Segways. The funny part is that when they were noticed they took off running back to their hotel room and Selena’s blonde wig, which she was wearing as a disguise, fell off!

A few days before this, Jelena went camping with Justin’s dad Jeremy Bieber and little brotherJaxon and sister Jazzy!

“They were all really down to earth and just stayed one night on Saturday night in an RV,” the source tells us. “Some of them stayed in tents. This is a really family friendly place and super low-key.”
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