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Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland Surprise Fans at Karaoke Bar—See the Pics!

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rs_600x600-140108145959-600.rowland-beyonce.cm.1813Imagine you’re sitting in a karaoke bar with a couple of your closest gal-pals…

You’re enjoying your girls’ night out, getting a little rowdy, harmonizing some of your favorite tunes and offering up a side order of interpretive dance moves to your favorite Beyoncésong, when the queen herself walks into the room.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of, but the above scenario actually happened to three girls at Sing Sing Karaoke in Miami Tuesday evening.

The girls were doing their best rendition of Bey’s “Party” when the Grammy-winning singer waltzed into the private karaoke room alongside Kelly Rowland.

It turns out that the former Destiny’s Child members were in the room next door—with Jay ZMichelle Williams and several of their pals—and overheard the song being played.

Blue Ivy‘s mama stormed in, hugged the fans (who were practically platzing over) and sang along.

The South Beach bar shared pictures of the surprise fan run-in showing Bey and Kelly posing side-by-side with the girls.

The “Grown Woman” singer appeared to be wearing a black hat and sweatshirt during her outing, while Kelly opted for a knit beanie and fur vest.

We’re pretty sure that the two songstresses made those ladies’ nights (or lives, whichever).

So what was the real highlight of the evening? According to Sing Sing’s Facebook, “Jay Z is a fantastic hugger!” Seriously?!

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