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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Inside Their Romantic Beach Vacation

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selaJustin and Selena are back and hotter than ever! The on-again couple were reportedly spotted riding Segways together for the second time in under a week — this time while on a romantic getaway to a luxury beachfront resort in Aptos, Calif.

Jelena fans went wild when Selena Gomez, 21, and Justin Bieber, 19, were spotted riding Segways together in Justin’s gated community in Calabasas, Calif on Jan. 2 — but this new sighting after their reunion is even more thrilling! Two very observant fans spotted Justin and Selena hiding behind elaborate disguises as they ran into the Seascape Beach Resort together on Jan. 6. And best of all — Jelena spent the night in a lavish two-bedroom villa overlooking the ocean, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber’s Night Together — Couple Vacations At Beach Resort

Fans Courtney Clark, 17, and her sister Melissa Clark, 15, were driving in the Seascape neighborhood of Aptos at around 10 p.m. on Jan. 6 when they spotted someone wearing a hoodie and dark sunglasses and walking with an attractive blonde.

“They both had huge sunglasses on, it was obvious they were trying to hide who they were,” Melissa told local news channel KSBW.

When Justin and Selena realized they’d been discovered, they rushed into the nearby Seascape Beach Resort laughing. Selena’s wig fell off as she escaped, revealing her brunette locks.

Courtney and Melissa, who were out searching for Justin and Selena after hearing they were in town, said the couple appeared to be returning from dinner. Justin and Selena seemed to spend the rest of the night in their room and on their balcony overlooking Seascape Beach, the sisters said.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Inside Their Beachfront Resort Suite reached out to staff at the Seascape Beach Resort, who said, ”We cannot confirm or deny that Justin stayed with us.”

However, Justin and Selena likely stayed in the best accommodations the resort has to offer, an insider at the hotel tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“The most luxurious suite here is the two-bedroom villa with a deluxe ocean room. It has a full-size kitchen, two stories, 1,100 to 1,300 square feet, dining room, living space, patio, BBQ on patio, and 2 and 1/2 bathrooms,” the source says.

The suite goes for $399 a night now and $714 a night during the summer.

“The resort includes a spa, bonfires, massage treatments in the room, boogie boarding and a golf course,” the source adds. “It’s 10 minutes from Santa Cruz, where you can rent Segways.”

Justin Bieber Goes Segway Riding With His Dad

Speaking of Segways, Justin posted a hilarious Instagram video of his dad, Jeremy Bieber, falling off of a Segway on Jan. 6, and we now know that the video was taken in Santa Cruz, Calif., a beach town next to Aptos.

It turns out Selena was with the Bieber men all along! In fact, Sel, Justin and Jeremy spent Jan. 6 riding Segways around Pogonip Park in Santa Cruz, according to a local park ranger. Fans spotted Jelena riding Segways together in the town as well.

Justin also spent the night at a local campground near Sand Dollar Beach on Jan. 4, staff members at the campground told KSBW.

“We were so very excited. He came Saturday night and left Sunday afternoon,” Michelle Roaringsaid. “He and his friend [were] riding his Segway through the campground and toward Manresa [State] Beach. It was the best thing ever.”

We’re guessing Justin’s “friend” was Selena! The pop star did in fact camp out with family and friends at KOA Kampground, across the street from Manresa State Beach, a source confirms to EXCLUSIVELY.

“They were all really down to earth and just stayed one night on Saturday night in an RV,” the source reveals. “Some of them stayed in tents. This is a really family friendly place and super low-key.”
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