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Miley Cyrus Butt Tweets Personal Conversation, Admits to Taking Xanax

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mileyconvo-1374809966Miley Cyrus needs to be more careful when using her phone!

Not only did she butt tweet to all of her followers today but she also posted a conversation that seemed VERY personal!

“I’m miserable … Been crying myself to sleep. Taking a zanny trying to pass out …. Goodnight,” said the convo Miley accidently posted on Twitter on Thursday.

“Zanny” is a reference to the prescription drug Xanax that’s used to calm anxiety and insomnia.

The opps-message was a conversation between the singer and a phone contact named FeFe. That’s supposedly the nickname she gave her man Liam Hemsworth!

Miley quickly tried to cover her tracks by saying, “Never mind. Realized I’m just an idiot & somehow I butt tweeted my conversation. Missing home #foodpoisoningsabitch.”

Perhaps Miley posted the conversation on purpose to show that her relationship with Liam is rocky at the moment?

We wonder what Miley’s so miserable about? Perhaps she feels that way because she’s sick…or because Liam? Why has she been crying herself to sleep? Hmm, sure does make you wonder!

Whatever it is, we hope Miley feels better ASAP!

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  • Dorris

    The messages are from mid-last year… Doesn’t prove anything in terms of possible events now.

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