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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Take Surfing Lessons in Hawaii—See the Pics!

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rs_1024x759-140106062234-1024-1-emmastone-jc-1314Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are quite the adventurous pair!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 costars and real-life loves took surfing lessons together in Hawaii Sunday, Jan. 5. Both Emma, 25, and Andrew, 30, were able to get upright and successfully ride a few waves, and adorably, they both wiped out, too!

But these two aren’t the type to get too bummed out by their falls! Emma, who appeared to tackle some of the bigger waves, was smiling even as she was losing her balance on the board.

Emma and Andrew are clearly the kind of couple anyone would want to be best friends with, but they’re not the type to exploit their relationship. In fact, despite having dated since 2011, the pair is extremely tightlipped about their relationship status!

In fact, when Andrew was asked this past summer how he liked working with Emma and if there was “a danger in taking work home,” he fired back, “Well, you’re assuming something there, which I will not be commenting about.”

Zing! Still, though, he didn’t mind gushing a little about his love—as an actress! “She’s a great gal, and, as we all know, a singular talent, like a completely unique, singular talent,” he said, per Us Weekly. “She just was born like a purebred, in terms of you just say ‘go’ and she goes. It’s infuriating because I can’t keep up with it. So it’s beautiful to work with such an incredibly talented and wonderful person.”

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