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Rihanna: How Chris Brown Taught Her What ‘Real Love’ Is

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Rihanna-12.-259x300Rihanna is ready for 2014! She is putting her past relationship with Chris behind her, but is learning from her experiences with him, a source close to the singer told exclusively.

If Rihanna is taking anything from 2013 with her into the new year, it’s the lessons about love she learned from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. After years of being on-again off-again, she’s ready to meet a new love — and now knows what she’s looking for and what’s she’s not looking for.


Rihanna: Chris Brown Taught Me About Love

“Thing is, in the past she loved with all her heart and gave a [man] more than what he was giving her — way more,” a source close to the “Diamonds” singer exclusively. ”From that experience, she grew and learned what love is suppose to be and how it’s supposed to feel and how it’s suppose to flow.”

It’s so great that regardless of how hard the relationship may have been on RiRi, she’s taking with her everything he taught her!

Rihanna, who will always love Chris Brown and may not be completely over him, isn’t exactly looking for love… but she’ll know it when it appears.

Rihanna Will Know When She Meets The One

“She knows how it’s suppose to be reciprocal and trust me, when the right [one] comes along, both he and she will know,” the source continued. “She’s not out there on the prowl but once that person comes along, they both won’t have to say anything. It will just come naturally.”

Many men have come in and out of Ri Ri’s life (ie.A$AP Rocky and Drake), but it looks like the right one hasn’t come along yet!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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