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Rihanna Feuding With Karrueche Tran — She Still Loves Chris Brown

Published on December 30, 2013 by   ·   No Comments club Pink Elephant made the right choice when they kicked out Karrueche Tran to please Rihanna early in December. A source has told that Rihanna is still in love with her ex, Karrueche’s boyfriend Chris Brown!

Rihanna, 25, sang with Eminem that she’s still friends with the “Monster” in her head, and it looks like that monster is leading her toward her 24-year-old ex-flame Chris Brown! A source close to the singer tells EXCLUSIVELY that Rihanna is feuding with Chris’ current girlfriend Karrueche Tran due to their shared love for the currently rehab-ridden rapper.


Rihanna ‘Will Always Love’ Chris

A rep for Pink Elephant told Page Six that Karrueche wasn’t let in to the NYC club as a courtesy to Rihanna, and a source close to Rihanna told EXCLUSIVELY that it’s a good thing she did — because Rihanna is still hung up on Chris!

“Rihanna will always love Chris Brown,” the insider said. “Case and point — why do you think she didn’t want Karrueche in that club? She still loves the guy, come on. If she was over him fully she wouldn’t care if Karrueche was partying in the same club as her. She’d be happy Chris had moved on, because she had too.”

Rihanna Will Make Karrueche’s Life ‘That Much Harder’

Wow, looks like Karrueche better watch her back — a source close to Rihanna said hell hath no fury like a Bahamian princess scorned. And we sort of saw this one coming — Rihanna has been posting Instagram messages that definitely seem to be directed at Chris.

“She’s still hung up on him and always will be until her prince charming comes along,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Until then she wants to make his life and anyone connected to his that much harder.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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