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Kanye West: Is He Furious At ‘SNL’ For Mocking Kimye? The Truth

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keny‘SNL’ is at is again as they brought back the infamous ‘Waking Up With Kimye’ skit on the Dec. 21 episode, mocking the famous couple. But is Kanye angry at the cast for attacking he and Kim, AGAIN? Here are all the EXCLUSIVE details.

Kanye West, 36, and Kim Kardashian, 33, are use to being the center of many jokes and for the most part, they take it with ease. But after SNL‘s Dec. 21 skit mocking the famous couple for a second time, Kanye isn’t impressed and thinks the buffoonery is getting “a little old,” is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.

Kanye West Thinks ‘SNL’ Jokes Are Lame

Kanye and Kim love being the center of attention, especially when it’s showcasing them in a glamorous light. But the rapper has grown tired of being the butt of jokes by the late night television circuits, including Saturday Night Live.

“Kanye thinks it’s getting old now,” a source close to the rapper EXCLUSIVELY explains “It was cool whenSeth [Rogen] and James [Franco] did it and it was funny as f**k whenEllen [DeGeneres] did her take on it, but now, it’s just late. Haha. Haha. We get it. It was funny but the joke is over.”

Why Kanye West Would Still Appear On SNL

While Kanye says the “joke is over,” what’s not is his relationship with the honchos over at SNL. We’re told Kanye actually likes the show and if asked, would definitely appear on the program.

“That’s a big platform for him to be on and he wouldn’t turn that down,” the source adds. “He ain’t dumb by any means. It’s another stage for him to be on, promoting his music and whatever else he wants to talk about.”
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