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Kanye West: Why He ‘Lost All Respect’ For Lamar Odom

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kenThere’s no guy code here — a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Kanye is 100% loyal to the Kardashian family and has lost all respect for Lamar following his breakup with Khloe.

Kanye West isn’t too happy with Lamar Odom! After fiancee Kim Kardashianfilled the rapper in on all the horrible things Lamar allegedly did to Khloe Kardashian, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that he has “lost all respect” for Lamar.

Why Kanye West ‘Lost All Respect’ For Lamar Odom

Sisters never hold anything back, so Kim knew about all of Khloe and Lamar’s problems — and of course she relayed them to her fiance, Kanye. And when he heard some of the issues — particularly Lamar’s drunken rap video in which he (possibly) admitted to cheating on Khloe — Yeezy lost all of the sympathy he once had for the former basketball star, the source says.

“Kanye would sit back and listen to Kim tell him stuff and be like, ‘WOW, how can another man do that to a beautiful woman like Khloe?’” the source says. “He couldn’t believe some of the stuff he heard. Like how Lamar was smoking and then had the nerve to talk s**t about Khloe in a rap video.”

Kanye, for all the criticisms he faces, respects Kim to the utmost, the source says, so when he sees another man doing his lady wrong, he takes serious exception.

How Kanye West Tried To Bring Lamar Odom And Khloe Kardashian Together

Plus, Kanye tried to give Lamar multiple chances. The rapper was well aware of the problems Khloe and Lamar were having in their marriage, so he even tried to bring the couple together by inviting them to one of his “Yeezus” concerts in Los Angeles.

“He invited Lamar to his show because he knew he and Khloe weren’t seeing eye-to-eye,” the same source says. “He tried to mend the fences. But then after all of this stuff came out — after Kim told him how Khloe would be up crying

at night and in pain — he lost all respect for Lamar as a man.”

“He doesn’t hate him, but he thinks he’s garbage,” the source concludes.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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