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Justin Bieber: You Can Win Selena Gomez Back — Here’s How

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149093340-265x400Justin — you just publicly confessed in a Power 106 radio station interview that you still love Selena. But you don’t just have to love her from afar anymore. It is possible to win her back.

Justin Bieber – it was courageous of you to completely reveal the state of your heart, which is openly aching for your ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. You just told Big Boy, the host of “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” that you “still love her [Selena] ’til this day,” and that you think she’s a “great woman.”

Can Justin Bieber Win Back Selena Gomez? — How He Can Reunite With His Love

You also admitted that you wrote your song “All That Matters” about Selena because when you were together, she was your ‘everything’. Furthermore, you said that this breakup really affected you, especially because it was so public, and that it’s been hard for both of you.

The thing is, Justin, while you were talking, it was very clear that you still feel  strongly about Selena, and that just speaking about her is a very emotional experience for you. It’s completely clear that you are not over her. You wistfully told Big Boy that, “I think we’re going to be the greatest of friends,” even though you’re not talking now.

Justin, this is so sad. You still love Selena, and while you may have fooled around with other girls since your split, you haven’t gotten serious with anybody else. Meanwhile,, we know that Selena still loves you too, and that she misses you terribly.

She “does still love him, though, and she always will,” a source close to Selena tells EXCLUSIVELY. Now, Selena has decided not to speak to you, but we’ve learned through our close source that she’s doing this on purpose in the hopes of getting you, Justin, to change and mature. “She’s purposely not talking to him right now because she wants him to see what life is like without her in it. She’s hoping that he will miss her so much that it will force him to finally change,” the source explains.

Justin — Selena feels like you didn’t respect her when you were together, and that because she didn’t break up with you earlier, it sent you the message that she didn’t respect herself, says the source. Now, she feels that she’s learned to respect herself too much to ever let you hurt her again.

Justin Beiber — You Can Be The Man Selena Gomez Loves Again

But here’s the thing, Justin — and you’ve got to take this seriously, if you love Selena as much as you say you do. She still loves you and always will, emphasizes our source. She misses the old Justin, the one she fell in love with, the one who did respect her and was loyal to her, another source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Selena feels that you’ve been “acting out” since the two of you broke up, and that your behavior has to do with her splitting from you and then cutting off communication. But she just can’t get involved with you again until you’re ready to change and treat her, not just with love, but also with the respect she deserves.

“She wishes he would just hurry up and grow up already,” says the source.

Justin, are you listening to this? You can have the close, loving, mutually supportive relationship you once had with Selena. You know how much she understood you and was there for you. You can have that again!

And believe me, you’re not going to find another woman like Selena Gomez. She’s very special. She truly understands what your life is like, what your pressures are like, and what your deepest hopes, dreams and fears are.

You two have so much in common. It would be extremely difficult for each of you,to find another girlfriend or boyfriend, who could understand you,the way you understand each other.

Now, Justin — Selena isn’t dating anybody else, and she hasn’t even wanted to since your split. You’re still single and you’re heartbroken — so why don’t you do something about it? Are you ready to be the mature man that Selena wants? Are you ready to be the Justin that she loves again?

If you are, you can win her back. So instead of just admitting in interviews that you still love her, you can actually take action that will bring her close again. Are you ready, Justin?
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