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Taylor Swift Got Beyonce’s Album “Banned From Target,” Claims Insane Report

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90717848-300x210Taylor Swift got Beyonce’s new album “banned from Target,” reports a crazy story from MediaTakeOut.

Why on earth would Swift do that?

Well, the blog claims there has been “tension mounting” between the singers ever since Kanye West said Beyonce should have won over Swift at the 2009MTV Video Music Awards.

MediaFakeOut further alleges that Swift “took it very personally that Beyonce released an album on her birthday [December 13]… She felt like it was a slight.”

The site goes on to say that Swift, who previously had a deal with Target promote her last album Red, had her handlers “PUT PRESSURE on Target not to carry Bey’s album.”


This is just beyond absurd.

Taylor Swift is a pop star.

She does not control the decision-making process of a multi-billion dollar retail corporation.

Moreover, Target has already stated that it will not carry Beyonce’s album because the singer released it digitally before physically debuting the album.

Oh, and one more thing: There’s no bad blood between Swift and Beyonce.

In any case, Gossip Cop checked in with close Swift insider, who tells us there’s “no truth to this whatsoever.”

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