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Rihanna Says Khloe Kardashian & Matt Kemp Would Make A Cute Couple

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odomiiKhloe Kardashian has been spotted around town with Rihanna’s ex Matt Kemp ever since she filed for divorce on Dec. 13, but the sexy singer isn’t exactly sweating Khloe’s relationship with her former beau. has the EXCLUSIVE details on Rihanna’s feelings about the rumored couple below!

Khloe Kardashian, 29, was finally freed from her troubled marriage to Lamar Odom, 34, when she filed divorce papers on Dec. 13. Since then, the beloved reality star has been spotted around town with Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp — who is also known as Rihanna‘s ex-boyfriend. Check out‘s EXCLUSIVE news on Rihanna’s response!

Rihanna Is ‘Not Sweating’ Khloe & Matt

Rihanna, who was seen getting up close and personal with A$AP Rocky on Dec. 16, doesn’t mind that Khloe and Matt have been hanging out. A source close to the 25-year-old singer EXCLUSIVELY that the distance between the couplings — Rihanna and Matt broke up in 2010 — makes it a non-issue in her book.

“[Rihanna is] not sweating Khloe going after her exes,” the source says, referring to the fact thatKhloe has also been getting friendly with Rihanna’s reported flame Drake. “Matt dated girls before Rihanna, so it’s not like he was some dude that was pure and fresh off the block.”

Apparently, Rihanna also thinks that Khloe and Matt look cute together!

“Matt’s a good look on Khloe,” the source continues. “Rihanna thinks he’s gorgeous, and thinks he’s a good look on any woman for that matter.”

It’s nice to see Rihanna being so supportive of Khloe!

Rihanna Says Matt Kemp Is A ‘Good Man’

We’re glad to hear that Matt has Rihanna’s stamp of approval, since poor Khloe went through so much heartbreak during her marriage to Lamar — apparently, the Dodger star is quite a good shoulder to cry on!

“[Matt is] a good man,” the source tells EXCLUSIVELY.  ”He’s real sweet and cool, and he’s easy to talk to. He treated Rihanna really well, and she thinks he’s pretty dope. They remain close.”
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