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Rihanna Gets Dramatic Haircut — Love Or Loathe New Look? Vote

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rihannaaaRihanna showed off a cropped jacket and a cropped hair cut in New York City on Dec. 16! Do you love her new, short hair? Vote below!

While most people are bundling up this winter, Rihanna fights the trend by taking off a layer — of her hair! She showed off her long locks on Dec.15, but then on Dec. 16, she switched to a short and sweet look! Rihanna is always changing it up. Which look do you prefer on RiRi?

Rihanna’s Short Hair — Love Her Dramatic Makeover?

Wearing Miu Miu suede and ponyhair Lace-Up Creeper sneakers and a hot pinkTom Ford Fall 2013 jacket, Rihanna debuted her new hair look. Is she compensating for the lack of hair on her head by adding more to her sleeves? Maybe Rihanna has found a way to stay warm this winter!

As a recording artist, actress, and fashion designer, Rihanna loves to be expressive. But do you think continually retracting to the pixie cut meets that criteria? As edgy as Rihanna is with her music video and fashion choices, is the gentle pixie cut a right fit for her persona? Or is she changing the name of the game?

Rihanna’s Long Vs. Short Hair

The correlation between Rihanna’s hair and ensemble is becoming more prominent with each cut. She likes to pair her cute and innocent pixie cut with risky outfits, while she focuses on more of a glamorous appeal when it is long. Is this a coincidence?

Since the pixie cut is another way for Rihanna to show more skin by exposing her neck and shoulders, do you think Rihanna has found a way to twist the gentleness of the pixie and redefine it in her own way
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