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Justin Bieber: I’m Quitting Music — Watch The New Interview

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rs_560x415-131109111542-1024.Justin-Biber0Buenos-Aires.jl.110913_copyJustin did a super revealing interview on Dec. 16, and in addition to talking about Selena and his new songs, he actually said he was quitting music!

Justin Bieber may just be done with music after all. After a short clip came out of the 19-year-old singer saying he was retiring, the world went absolutely crazy! And now, a longer video has come out of the conversation — and he says he’s done.

Justin Bieber Quitting Music?

When Power106′s BigBoy asked about a new album, Justin shocked everyone with his answer.

New album? I’m actually retiring man. I’m taking… I’m just gonna take some time. I think I’m probably gonna quit music.

We’ll give you time to try and gather your thoughts. We’ve already watched the video a few times (ok, ten), and we’re trying to figure out if he’s kidding or not. He has a completely straight face during the conversation — but we know Justin’s a joker.

He loves to kid around with people! Plus, would it really make sense after the super successful year he’s had to call it quits in the music world? No, we didn’t think so. His camp said that it was all a big joke, according to TMZ.

Justin Bieber Gets Emotional

It does make sense that Justin’s doing new interviews. His movie hit theaters Christmas day and we can’t wait! On Dec. 17, he shared a clip of the movie where he talks all about love (did you hear that, Selena Gomez)?

“Of course I’ve been in love. I think being in love is the most powerful thing,” he said in the clip. And while he was obviously talking about Selena, he also completely adores his Beliebers.

“My favorite part is the intimate moments with the fans,” he said. “It all started with the fans so it’s gotta end with the fans.”

Well Justin, if you decide to leave music, the fans will definitely not be happy. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Would Justin ever quit music?
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