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Rihanna & Eminem Debut Brand New Video For ‘Monster’ — Watch

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rihannaRihanna and Eminem tend to make magic when they’re together (see: ‘Love The Way You Lie’), so it’s no surprise that the music video for their new collaboration, ‘Monster,’ is dark, disturbing, and utterly addicting.

When Eminem and Rihanna first came together for “Love the Way You Lie” on Em’s Recovery album, fans were smitten. So it makes perfect sense that the pair reunited for “Monster” — an equally dark tune that finds Rihanna and Eminem lamenting their relationships with their own personal demons. The dark, violent, and very sexy video for “Monster” finally debuted on Dec. 16, and of course, RiRi and Em did not disappoint.

It’s dark, full of violence, and slightly disturbing — but it fits, given the overall tone of Eminem’sMarshall Mathers LP 2 album.

The video opens on Eminem looking freaked in an arm chair as the 25-year-old sexpot struts by him to turn on the TV. Rihanna then settles down in a chair across from Em as the screen fills with images of the rapper getting violent, popping pills, and hanging out with his daughter, Hailie Scott, when she was little. Basically, Eminem is confronting his “monsters” — and Rihanna is the equally messed-up therapist who has been tasked with helping him out. Um, good luck with that.

The video only gets darker and (much) nuttier from there, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise. Check out the video below, and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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