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Chris Brown Scared He’ll Go To Jail After Probation Revoked

Published on December 17, 2013 by   ·   No Comments a judge revoked Chris’ probation, the singer is terrified that he’ll be sent to jail. Breezy has been so stressed about this outcome that he’s been losing weight — but he’s trying to focus instead on his ‘life-changing’ rehab experience, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

A judge in the Rihanna assault case revoked Chris Brown‘s probation on Dec. 16 in light of his new Washington, D.C. assault charges. Even though the judge was impressed with Chris’ progress in rehab and didn’t take the singer into custody, Breezy could still be sentenced to jail at his next hearing in February. And poor Chris is already so worried that he can’t even eat! “He’s been losing weight like there’s no tomorrow,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Chris, 24, has been trying to keep his cool, but the prospect of spending time behind bars is taking a serious toll on his mental health.

“Chris is always concerned that’s a possibility and he doesn’t want that to happen, let alone let it manifest in his mind,” a source EXCLUSIVELY. “He already had sweaty palms when he left court because he knows this is not over and it’s going to hang over.”

“He’s been losing weight like there’s no tomorrow, primarily because it’s sh*tty food where he is and when he thinks about his legal shit it depresses him and he gets nervous,” the source adds. How awful!

Chris Brown Focusing On Getting Well In Rehab

Despite his fears, Chris is trying his best to stay positive and focus on getting well in rehab.

“It does him no good to dwell on the ‘what ifs’ in life. Yes, [the prospect of going to jail] scares him but he’s really trying hard to not think about it because he can’t control that at this point,” the source says. “All he’s focused on is continuing in rehab and making the best out of this life-changing experience. As long as he’s focusing on doing what’s right, everything else will fall into place.”

It sounds like Chris is really growing in rehab this time around. We hope everything works out for him!
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