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Miley Cyrus: Baywatch Babe or Sexy Santa Helper?

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rs_634x1024-131211104828-634.miley-cyrus-baywatch-santa-121113We have a feeling Miley Cyrus was trying to dress like the sexiest possible version of Santa (which is definitely going to land her a giant lump of coal, btw), but did she accidentally end up the sexiest version of something else?

Picture this red, high-cut leotard running down the beach in slow motion, perhaps on another very famous blonde? The only difference is the long sleeves and lack of a giant Baywatch lifeguard logo! The “We Can’t Stop” singer was barely born when David Hasselhoff and his hotties came into fame, but thanks to the Internet, that excuse doesn’t hold up in fashion court.

Of course, if the edgy pop singer was actually trying to look like some version of a North Pole worker, we’re even more horrified. No self-respecting Kris Kringle or Mrs. Claus would be caught dead in something so high cut. And elves always wear pants. It’s part of the uniform.

We’re perfectly fine with Miley co-opting the already racy TV lifeguard garb, but we’re putting her on our naughty list for life for making the big, bearded guy’s signature style look scandalous.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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