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Victoria Beckham: I Had No “Passion” For Spice Girls Reunion, “Finished For Good”

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Screen-Shot-2013-12-09-at-2.15.42-PM-400x353Victoria Beckham reveals in Vogue Paris that she wasn’t so thrilled to reunite with the Spice Girls.

The fashion designer explains that she no longer had “passion” for the girl group that launched her to superstardom in the 1990s.

“I realized it was finished for good in 2008, when we reformed for our reunion tour,” she is quoted as saying (in translation). “It should have been the best moment of my life, but I just wanted to be elsewhere.”

Beckham adds, ”It wasn’t a lack of respect for the girls or the audience, but the passion just wasn’t there. By contrast, in my new career, the passion grows every year. I still want more.”

She also explains that her famously aloof persona was a way of coping with her Spice Girls fame.

“I looked moody. But I wasn’t!” she’s quoted as saying. “I was shy, [and] not very sure of myself.”

Beckham says, I had to create a character and I thought of that: staring at people and pouting. My insecurities helped me invent the character in a way.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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