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Lea Michele Releases Preview of Debut Single “Cannonball”—Plus, Check Out Her Album Cover for Louder!

Published on December 10, 2013 by   ·   No Comments Lea Michele fans, today is your day.

Not only did the Glee actress reveal the album cover for her first solo project Louder, but she also released a preview of her debut single “Cannonball,” which officially gets released tomorrow!

“Break down/ Break down/ Break down/ I was scared to death, I was losing my mind,” she sings on the opening lines of the single. “But now/ I think I found the light at the end of the tunnel.” Then the beat picks up and Lea is belting, “And now I will start living/ Today, today, today/ I close the door/ I got this new beginning/ And I will fly/ I’ll fly like a cannonball.”

Sing it, girl.

Michele also unveiled the art for her first solo album on Twitter.

She tweeted, “Here it is! Check out the cover of my album #LOUDER! Thanks to all of you for tweeting & unlocking it!!”

The 27-year-old looks fierce on the cover, wearing a black sleeveless top as her tousled, brunette tresses are slightly blown to the side. As if that weren’t enough, she also revealed the tracklist for Louder! Seriously, she’s too gracious.

Here is the complete track list for the album, which is available for preorder tomorrow:

“On My Way”
“Burn with You”
“You’re Mine”
“Thousand Needles”
“Cue the Rain”
“Don’t Let Go”
“Empty Handed”
“If You Say So”

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