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Angelina Jolie’s Australian Adventures: Actress and Kids Meet The Lion King Cast, Go Shopping Down Under

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rs_560x415-131209161548-1024.angelina-jolie-lion-kingThe Queen of Hollywood has finally met the King of the Jungle.

While spending some vacation time in Australia with the family, Angelina Jolie and the kids opted to enjoy a viewing of The Lion King musical on Sunday at the Capitol Theater in Sydney, and even got to hang out with the cast after the show!

“A very special guest joined us for the Sunday matinee today- Angelina Jolie! Photo by James Morgan #lionkingau,” the show’s Facebook page wrote with a few snapshots of the occasion.

The photos showed Jolie posing with the entire cast, along with a picture of the A-lister speaking to the performers, who were all listening with bright eyes and big smiles. There’s also an image of Angelina leaving a sweet note backstage. “The first celebrity to sign the signature wall backstage! ‘Amazing show! Much love, Angelina Jolie’ #lionkingau,” the caption read.

When the family wasn’t watching the Disney classic being brought to life on stage, they were engaging in some retail therapy.

Angelina, along with Vivienne, Knox, Zahara and Shiloh, went out toy shopping in Rose Bay, Sydney, over the weekend. The group were all casually dressed and even matching, predominately wearing white and black, and holding hands as the strolled the streets Down Under.

Angie, Brad Pitt and their six children were seen boarding a luxury yacht in Australia’s Sydney Harbor earlier last week, and the family of eight then spent several hours playing in the water and soaking up the sun.

E! News has since learned that the popular Hollywood pair dropped some serious money in order to rent the large boat, named Ghost, which, according to the owner, “costs around $100,000 per week to charter.”

The yacht, “is owned by Anthony Bell, who is a famous Australian accountant, owner of Bell Partners,” the source told E! News. “He is known as the ‘celebrity accountant,’ his clients include actors, sports stars and TV personalities.”

rs_560x415-131209161918-1024.angelina-jolie-lion-king2 rs_634x1024-131208125727-634.Angelina-Jolie-Vivienne-Lion-King.jl.120813The insider added that “Bell has an estimated net worth of $100 million.”rs_560x415-131209161916-1024.angelina-jolie-lion-king3

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