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Katy Perry and Rihanna’s Friendship Is Basically the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Pop

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And I say that as a certified not-really-a-huge-fan of Katy Perry‘s music. (I like selections from Rihanna‘s repertoire, however. Though she has yet to top “Umbrella” if I’m being honest.) But seriously, these two look like a hoot to hang out with. A HOOT, I SAID! Also hoot-worthy: today’s winning captions.

“Katy perry- i kissed a girl and i liked it Rihanna – i just shot a man down” –Mamta

“You can’t sit with us” – Georgia

“I’m gonna kiss this girl and I’ll like it.” – Tara

“B*tch did you bring the weed” – Barbara

“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend” – Kunal

“Rihanna: “We want YOU… to roll us a blunt.” Katy: “Mmmm Hummm”.” – Jen

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