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Miley Cyrus Feuding With Lady Gaga?

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Screen-shot-2013-12-05-at-12.29.15-PM-300x227Miley Cyrus is feuding with Lady Gaga, according to a flimsy report from In Touch.

The tabloid claims Cyrus trash-talked her fellow singer at the American Music Awards last month, and quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Miley views her as the enemy.”

How come?

In Touch’s “source” alleges Cyrus is mad because she and Gaga are supposedly “going head-to-head in album sales.”

Oh, so does the “We Can’t Stop” singer also hate Katy Perry and One Direction, who released pop records around the same time?

Anyway, the mag’s “insider” further claims Cyrus is “determined to be even more outrageous” than her purported rival, and “beat Gaga at her own game.”

What game?

This story is just too weak to make any sense.

Cyrus hates Gaga because she also makes pop music?

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