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First Dog Sunny Obama Knocks Over Little Girl During White House Christmas Decoration Ceremony

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The newest addition to the Obama family stirred up quite a scene at the annual White House Christmas decorating ceremony Wednesday.

Hundreds of children from military families joined Michelle Obama in putting up holiday decorations in the Blue Room.

Little Sunny Obama, the family’s new pet pooch, got so overexcited about the slew of children in her home that she accidentally knocked over a toddler in the process.

The over-eager canine went up to greet Ashtyn Gardner and jumped up to get a closer look!

But the puppy love turned sour when Gardner was pushed over by the 2-year-old Portuguese Water Dog.

Michelle swiftly pulled Sunny away, scolded her, and helped the precious girl up from the floor. She was overheard asking, “Are you okay, sweetie?”

To sweeten the deal, the first lady gave Gardner a big hug and made sure she was okay before letting Sunny come over again and give her a little kiss. Too cute!

The adorable furball officially became an Obama back in August of this year.

Sunny was born in June 2012 in Michigan and apparently gets along with her big brother,Bo, swimmingly!

According to the White House Blog, the Obamas named their new pet Sunny “because it fit her cheerful personality,” and she’s “full of energy and very affectionate.”

Well, they definitely got that right!

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