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Beyoncé Makes Kevin Hart Squeal During Concert, Dedicates “I Will Always Love You” to Paul Walker

Published on December 5, 2013 by   ·   No Comments looks like we have just located Beyoncé‘s No. 1 fan. None other than Kevin Hart!

That’s certainly the impression the comedian gave while watching the singer perform at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

As seen in several photos Beyoncé posted on Tumblr, as well as in a YouTube video, Hart simply couldn’t contain his excitement as he stood in the front row alongside Christina Milian.

After the show, Hart continued to express his joy in a series of tweets including “Beyonce is Pound 4 Pound the best performer in the business, she put on a phenomenal show last night! She threw me a towel and I fainted.”

Meanwhile, near the end of the concert, Beyoncé took a moment to acknowledge the passing of actor Paul Walker.

“I dedicate this song to Paul Walker,” she said, before belting out “I Will Always Love You.”

She followed that up with her hit ballad, “Halo.”

Several fans later tweeted about the dedication, including one who wrote, “When @Beyonce sang Whitney Houston I will always love you and dedicated it to Paul walker…I cried. That woman sings like no other.”
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