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Kate Middleton Debuts Darker Hair Color After 6 Hour Visit to Pricey Salon

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rs_560x415-131202120523-1024.Kate-Middleton-Hair-Compare-jmd-120213_copyGray hair, be gone!

Last month Kate Middleton temporarily covered up her ashy roots with a chic black beretand now she’s found a more (semi) permanent solution.

According to the DailyMail, the Duchess of Cambridge booked an appointment with famed hairstylist Rossano Ferretti. Calling the visit a touch up doesn’t feel quite right consideringPrince William’s wife was at the salon for six hours. And during that time she received a truly royal treatment: a hair color and gloss process, which reportedly may have cost a whopping $800!

Despite the extravagant price, the results were definitely worth it. She debuted her new ‘do at a SportsBall gala in London last Thursday and her sleek strands were a lustrous chocolate shade, making her blowout even more perfect (if that’s even possible).

Although Kate’s usually is a regular at the Richard ward salon this might not be her last time with Ferretti. Recently she has been making quite a few changes to her mane men. She no longer works with James Pryce and has even hired Princess Diana’s former hairdresser Joh Bailey for her 2014 Australian tour. Yet despite all of the stylist switches, her hair remains pretty much the same—and we’re more than OK with that.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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