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CLAIM: Kim Kardashian Trying to “Chill Out” Kanye West

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Screen-Shot-2013-11-28-at-4.04.31-PMKim Kardashian has had it with fiancé Kanye West’s fiery temper and is taking steps to calm her man down!” declares OK! magazine, an outlet that has published someembarrassingly wrong reports about the couple in recent weeks.

The tabloid’s latest strikeout claims Kardashian has told West to “Chill Out!”

“She has him doing these calming breathing exercises, where you plug one side of your nose and breathe awhile, then switch,” a so-called “source” tells the mag. “She says it’s helping him count to 10 before he yells.”

According to another purported OK! insider, when West recently experienced technical problems with his set on tour, “he completely lost it and poor Kim was on the receiving end, not for the first time.”

And now the couple’s five-month-old daughter North is supposedly involved.

“When Kanye yells, Nori instantly starts to cry. Seeing how his temper is affecting his baby helps more than anything,” claims the magazine’s source, adding that when the child is within earshot, West “goes outside and yells at the hills behind the house. It probably freaks the coyotes and rabbits, but at least he’s not freaking out the baby.”


OK! goes on to say that Kardashian has instituted her version of a “swear jar” in their home, and is taking other measures to change West’s behavior.

Fortunately, the rumored unrest is just as fabricated as some other recent OK! reports.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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