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Miley Cyrus Celebrates 21st Birthday With T… Selfie

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miley-179x300Happy birthday to YOU, Miley! As a newly-turned 21-year-old, the sexy singer rang in adulthood on Nov. 24 the only way she knows how — by posing topless!

Well now we know what Miley Cyrus wears to bed — absolutely nothing! The morning after her 21st birthday, the “We Can’t Stop” singer snapped a handful of topless pictures of herself. She may be a year older, but it doesn’t look like much has changed!


Miley Cyrus Poses T…

A white bed spread was the only thing covering up the very naked Miley as she posed for several selfie pics. Though she had clearly just woken up, the singer looked refreshed and beautiful. Bed head actually suits her, and she’s really starting off her 21st year on the right foot.

And it looks like she slept with someone after her (assumedly) rowdy birthday night — her dog!

“Perfect start to the perfect day,” Miley tweeted along with a picture of herself kissing her pooch. She also tweeted adoring captions like, “I love him soooo f**king much I can’t stand it,” and “My best friend.” You think Miley likes her dog?

Miley Cyrus Brings Back Her Dark Eyebrows

The sexy topless selfies also showed off Miley’s dark eyebrows, which have made a comeback after the singer debuted a bizarre bleached brow look on Nov. 21.

“Blonde hurrrrr errrrrrwurrrrr,” Miley wrote along with a selfie that made it look like she had no eyebrows at all.

The bleached beauty look turned out to just be an experiment, and she was back to her natural style on her birthday, Nov. 23. Which is good, because we think her topless pics look much better when she has those dark eyebrows.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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