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Ariana Grande’s 2013 American Music Awards Performance Earns Praise From Lady Gaga and Ciara

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rs_634x1024-131124181143-634-ariana-grande-ama-112413Ariana Grande nearly brought the house down at the 2013 American Music Awards!

The young starlet performed an almost acoustic version of her single off of Yours Truly called “Tattooed Heart.”

Armed with just a mic and slinky red sequined gown, Grande channeled Motown in what quickly became the most talked about AMAs moment.

Grande’s powerhouse voice even wowed Lady Gaga and Ciara, who both applauded the singer and gave a standing ovation.

And that wasn’t the only highlight of the 20-year-old’s evening.

Grande took home the award for Best New Artist and thanked her legions of fans for helping her earn the top honor.

Shortly after accepting the award, the singer took to Twitter to share how grateful she was for of all the support from her devotees.

“That was the most nerve wracking thing ever and I haven’t had access to my phone all day but hi y’allllll love u,” she wrote.

But she didn’t end there. Grande (adorably) added, “oh gawd I haven’t had my phone all night but thank you thank you thank you, such an exciting night & I owe it to u all. love u with all my [heart].

“I love you guys so so so much. That’s all I’ve been thinking. Thank you times a million.”rs_293x473-131124161945-634.Ariana-Grande-AMA-jmd-112313_copy

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