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Justin Bieber Sings Happy Birthday to Brother Jaxon, Comforts Him After Father’s Cake Prank

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634.ab.bieber.073012_copyBig brothers are the best!

Justin Bieber made sure to be by his brother’s side for his 4th birthday earlier this week.

Little Jaxon was serenaded by his pop star sibling in honor of his special day and surrounded by close friends and family.

And in typical Biebs fashion, the 19-year-old belted out a unique version of the tune complete with falsetto and a few improvised riffs. Swoon…

But it wasn’t until Jaxon was the subject of an innocent prank by his dad, Jeremy, that the “PYD” singer really stepped up to the plate.

Right before posing for a family picture, Jeremy face-planted Jaxon into his birthday cake.

The playful move didn’t exactly go as planned as the 4-year-old immediately burst into tears and even threw a candle at his dad.

Clearly embarrassed by the whole ordeal, Jaxon sobbed as his dad and older brother tried their best to calm him down.

At one point in the video, Justin even explains, “He did it to me too!”

But unfortunately, that didn’t seem to help the situation.

When asked if he wanted a piece of his own cake, Jaxon replied, “No because my face is in it.”

After a few minutes, things quickly took a happy turn. Jaxon and his older sister, Jazmyn, began plopping their faces into the frosting on their own and laughing as the crowd cheered them on.

It seems like Justin’s no stranger to kids weeping, however, as is evident with one precious home video of a little girl sobbing after learning that she’s seeing the singer in concert.

It’s not exactly what you think though…the toddler’s tears were due to the fact that she actually wanted to see One Direction over the Biebs.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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