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Justin Bieber’s Kissing Girl Cailin Russo: 5 Things to Know About His New Music Video Lady

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rs_600x600-131120112920-600.justin-bieber-instagramWho’s that gorgeous girl kissing Justin Bieber in his Instagram pic?

The 19-year-old pop star’s new lady is actually model Cailin Russo, who costars with the Biebs in his upcoming music video for “All That Matters.”

Bieber shared a pic of Russo kissing his check last night using the hashtag, “#allthatmattersmusicvideo.” Russo subsequently shared the same pic on her Instagram,writing, “Guess the cats out of the bag @justinbieber #allthatmattersmusicvideo @giannicatalina @viviensainz @colinseyes.”

So who exactly is Cailin Russo and are she and Bieber heating up? Here are five things to know about his latest music video lady.

1. She’s a SoCal Girl: Russo, 19, was born and raised in San Diego and still lives there. She is 5’7″ and has green eyes and blond hair. Her favorite color is green and her favorite food is anything pesto. Like Bieber, Russo has a little brother.

2. She’s Putting Her Good Looks to Use: “Cailin is a full-time model,” No Ties Management, Russo’s modeling agency, tells E! News. “She’s been modeling since she was 16.” Russo, who’s been featured in ads for Pacsun, travels for her work as a model and has recently made a trip to NYC and Sweden. And she’s definitely not shy about taking off her clothes for sexy and skimpy photo shoots, per her modeling portfolio.

3. How She and Bieber Met: Bieber and his label chose Russo for his music video after seeing her casting video. “She was one of the first on film,” a source tells us. A source adds that Russo “was really surprised how super easy it was to work with him. They had a really fun shoot!”

4. She and Bieber Had Great Chemistry: A source tells us that while shooting the “All That Matters” music video, Russo and Bieber’s chemistry was “pretty intense.” “The director was in love with both of them,” a source tells us. While we’re not sure just how close the two have gotten, the source adds, “They keep in touch.”

5. She Can Sing: Like Bieber, Russo is also a singer! She’s featured singing in the chorus of the band Super Groupie’s song “Say You Want Me.” She also hopes to get into @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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