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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Have Normal Romantic Dinner Dates

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rs_560x415-131026085003-1024.Kim-Kardashian-Kanye-West-Party.jl.102613They like to sample the highbrow AND the lowbrow! In Philadelphia for Kanye’s ‘Yeezus’ tour on Nov. 15 and 16, the couple went on two romantic dates (with one probably costing WAY more than the other), and HollywoodLife.com has all of the EXCLUSIVE details.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may strut around in expensive furs and clothes by Givenchy, but deep down they’re not so different from us. And by that we mean they like to eat the same food as us — even the same fast food. Kimye was out and about for two dinners in Philadelphia on Nov. 15 and 16, and HollywoodLife.com got all the exclusive details, down to what kind of pasta Kanye likes.

 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Go To Wendy’s

 Late on Friday night, Nov. 15, after Kanye finished his “Yeezus” concert at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, he and Kim headed out for some late-night grub. And instead of scarfing down caviar or ordering in lobster, they decided to hit up Wendy’s! Fans took pictures of the two superstars as they feasted on the fast food. And even though they’re arguably the biggest stars in the world, an eyewitness tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively that you wouldn’t have known it, the way they were acting at Wendy’s.

“They acted like ordinary people,” the source said. “They sat upstairs and took pictures with fans. I know they ordered burgers.” That’s what we order at Wendy’s!

It must have been quite a site to see Kim and Kanye looking better than ever, slurping down Frosties like the rest of us.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Second Romantic Date

The next night, the couple decided to go a little more upscale with their restaurant choice. Kim looked stunning in a thick black fur coat and a navy pencil skirt with a mesh design while Kanye was also fashionable wearing a long fur coat and tasseled boots for their intimate dinner date at Serafina, a swanky Italian restaurant near Penn Center in Philly.

And even though they upgraded their cuisine, another eyewitness tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively that they were just as down to earth. “They were very nice,” the onlooker said. “They seemed like such a nice, normal couple.” Adding that Kim looked “beautiful,” the source says that she “ordered for herself, she had the truffle pizza and chardonnay. Kanye had the rigatoni bolognese.” Sounds delicious!

It’s amazing to hear that Kim and Kanye, despite being in the spotlight 24/7, are still able to be romantic with each other. And it’s even more incredible that they haven’t let all that attention go to their heads.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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