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Chris Brown Took Karreuche Tran On Date To Thank Her For Support

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0524-chris-brown-karrueche-getty-3Chris couldn’t wait to show Karrueche how thankful he was for all the support she’s given him, which is why he took her out to dinner the night after he got out of rehab, has exclusively learned.

Karrueche Tran has always supported Chris Brown, no matter what. While he was in rehab, we told you that she was keeping his spirits up with positive conversation. So when he got out of the facility on Nov. 13, he couldn’t wait to take her out to a romantic date to thank her — and that’s exactly what he did.


Chris Brown Thanks Karrueche Tran For Support With Romantic Date

“He really wants her to know how thankful he is for all her love and how she was holding everything down while he was gone,” a source close to the singer told exclusively. ”Everything to his house, his cars, his dogs, his laundry, everything. He doesn’t really say thank you all the time but last night he made Kae feel real special.

The happy couple went to Aventine in Hollywood on Nov. 14, where they enjoyed an Italian dinner — something that Chris was craving.

“He was craving some spaghetti for one weird reason so he went and got some with Kae. He told Kae the food he had been subjected to was ‘nasty,’” the source said. “It’s been weeks since he’s had a good meal, and since he left the facility where he was being treated he’s been coped up in his house. He really wanted out of the house and [to] be with his girl.”

Chris & Karrueche: He Doesn’t Want To Hold Her Back

Chris went to rehab on Oct. 29 for anger management and is still getting treatment, but now as an out-patient. However, just because he is still working on himself, that doesn’t mean he wants to go into hiding.

“You see he went some place that was different and low-key,” the source told us. “He’s not going to stop being Chris Brown and going out and he doesn’t want Karrueche to have to suffer either. He doesn’t want her to have to hibernate in the house just because he feels he can’t go out being all the cameras are going to follow him. So he said ‘f–k it’ and took her out.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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