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Lady Gaga Says She Sounds Like an “Irritated Cow” After ArtRave Concert, Shares Funny GIF

Published on November 11, 2013 by   ·   No Comments madness! Lady Gaga gave it her all during the ArtRave concert and exhibit in New York City on Sunday, Nov. 10—so much so that it strained her vocal chords. “My voice held out until this AM! She made it through last night! Now I sound like an irritated cow. Making a .gif to express my feelings,” she tweeted on Monday, Nov. 11. She then shared a GIF of a cow shimmying in front of the word “MESS.”

Oh, Gaga. The 27-year-old pop star performed a handful of tracks from her fourth studio album,ARTPOP, including “Applause,” “Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly),” “Dope,” “Venus” and “Gypsy.” ArtistJeff Koons created a series of sculptures that were on display throughout the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The event was streamed live on VEVO to celebrate the release of Gaga’s latest effort.

E! News spoke to the singer-songwriter before she took the stage. Asked if there are any young artists she’d like to advise, the native New Yorker replied, “I have to find them because I can’t think of anyone that’s out now that I would want to mentor.” When Miley Cyrus‘ name was mentioned, Gaga put her hand up. “That’s what I think about Miley,” she said.

Gaga also told USA Today she feels more “focused” than ever before.

“I am a lot more centered now, I think, because I feel a lot more in control of my career. That’s really important to me. I don’t like feeling like I’m at the mercy of other people. I work harder than anybody at what I do. It’s so important that you maintain a sense of gravity and a sense of your own soul,” she told the newspaper. “I understand how I want to function as a famous person. Fame to me is people’s projections on to you of what you should become or what you should be.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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