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Miley Cyrus’ Website Makeover Features Foam Fingers, Blunts, Half-Naked GIFs and More!

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rs_1024x653-131108080353-10240-mileycyrus0webpage-jcMiley Cyrus‘ website got quite a makeover, y’all!

Naturally, the Bangerz beauty didn’t want to be dry, corporate and stiff, so she gave it the full twerktastic treatment! Meaning? Her graphic design team got to have some fun creating animated blunts, a foam finger cursor, half-naked Miley GIFs and so much more!

Upon initial glance, the site might look like a hodgepodge of random clipart, provocative images and emojis tied together with neon lights and a teddy bear theme. But oh, no—there’s very much a method to the madness on Miley’s domain.

See that picture of the Southern superstar sitting in a director’s chair with “Twitter” on the back of it? Click it, and—obviously—you’re redirected to her fantastic feed. There’s a similar “FB” smiley face that links to—you guessed it—her Facebook page. If you click “BUY! BUY! BUY!” on the left side of the site, you’re taken straight to iTunes and given the opportunity to purchase a deluxe edition of her Bangerz album. Nothing basic about any of that, but it’s all pretty straightforward.

The links to her music videos are a bit more subtle. Click the shot of Miley in a pair of underwear with “WCS” written on them? Watch the music video for “We Can’t Stop.” Click the balloon with “Hands in the Air” on it? Director’s cut. Click Miley in a “Wrecking Ball” T-shirt? Well, you can figure that one out.

If you choose to aim your foam finger cursor at the still-smoking blunt, go ahead and click it! Tiny, smiling marijuana leaves roll out, temporarily covering the whole screen!

Best of all, perhaps, is the moveable clip art. Smilers can click and drag that hamburger cake, a pair of “F.U.” studs and varying topless Miley shots wherever they would like on the main page.

Of course, also links to news clips and tour dates. See, everything werks!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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