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10 Fun Facts About Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Cressida Bonas

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Cressida Bonas-20131009-66Cressida Bonas is the latest ‘it’ girl in Britain as Prince Harry’s rumored wife-to-be and the international press is picking her up and putting her on covers all over the world! She’s part of the aristocratic social “BBB” (blonde, beautiful, blue-blooded) set that Harry prefers to select his dates and girlfriends from and there has been two publications in Britain (The Telegraph and Daily Mail) that have run stories that there has been an engagement formalized behind closed doors that has yet to be officially announced. FI she marries the World’s Most Eligible Bachelor and fourth in line to the British throne, she will become the international ‘it’ girl around the world. Here are currently known fun facts about Cressida and there will surely be more in the future as her past is disclosed and she ends up becoming a member of the FIRM (the nickname for the royal family)

  • Cressida’s mother is Lady Mary Gaye Curzon, the scion of a wealthy banking dynasty.
  • Harry was not dismissive of her hurt feelings over the Vegas scandal and he worked hard to get her forgiveness.
  • Cressida is a modern dance school graduate and is currently enjoying her life; rumors are she hasn’t pursued a career because she has secured a promise for marriage from Harry!
  • Charles approves of the romance and views Cressida as a suitable match for Harry.
  • Duchess Kate is rumored to disapprove of Cressida, possibly out of jealousy!
  • Cressida has been dating him for well over a year and Harry has courted her in private on the grounds of palatial aristocratic estates.
  • Cressida has been part of the royal set since birth; as a result there will be no problems with her finding acceptance and friendship in the royal family if she were to marry Harry.
  • She originally hired a PR firm to help her with her aspiration to work for the theatre and promote her profile.
  • Cressida’s half sister Isabella was pursued romantically by William and Isabella rejected him and married Sam Branson (son of Virgin Founder Richard Branson).
  • Cressida performed a song and dance at the wedding of Isabella and Sam Branson.

The palace has been ambiguous in their response and has handled hype in the past (during the courtship of Prince William and Duchess Kate, there were endless rounds of speculation that were denied to allowed to fade over time), but there have not been any unequivocal denials and the rumors are not fading. A public rejectiong would make the social situation in Harry’s set uncomfortable and humiliate Cressida, but to confirm would be to break the hearts of Harryites worldwide!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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