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Miley Cyrus Posts 9 Disney Princesses Dressed As Her, Naked and Twerking (PIC)

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176222711-210x300Miley Cyrus has left behind her Disney image — and now she’s promoting a Miley-fied version of some of the company’s most iconic characters.

The artist Michele Moricci drew nine Disney princesses as racier, twerking versions of themselves for Cosmopolitan, and on Saturday, Cyrus herself tweeted the results (see below).

“#OGDISNEYPRINCESS ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” wrote the pop star, attaching a composition of Moricci’s drawings.

The images include a naked Belle from Beauty and the Beast atop a wrecking ball, a twerking Cinderella, andSnow White finding a new use for a foam finger.BXg-9u6IEAA1zWr.jpg-large


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