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Prince George’s Christening: Find Out Who Designed the Royal Gown!

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rs_560x415-130819093604-1024.PrinceGeorge.jl.081913_copy_3We already know what Prince George will be wearing at his royal christening on Wednesday, Oct. 23: an all white Spitalfields silk-satin gown that has been previously worn by 60 other royal babies.

But here’s something you might not be aware of: The gown’s creator is Janet Sutherland, the daughter of a Scottish coal miner from Falkirk. The designer—who received the title of Embroiderer to the Queen—first created the garment with cotton lace overlay in 1841 for Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter.

But being that the gown is nearly 200 years old, it is too fragile for Prince George to actually wear this week. So instead he will be donning a replica made by the Queen’s couturier, Angela Kelly.

“I am very proud to think an ordinary woman from a working-class background could have designed such a beautiful robe,” Sutherland’s great-great-great niece, Patricia Perry, told the The Sunday Times. “I look forward to seeing the replica on Prince George.”

While we’re excited to see Prince George all dressed up, we also can’t wait catch a glimpse of what Kate Middleton selects for the ceremony. Like most important royal events, it is highly likely she will chose a British designer—but which one?

And more importantly, will we be able to buy what she’s wearing or will it be custom-made dress?

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