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Inside Kelly Clarkson’s Private “Adult Tea” Bachelorette Party: Details & Pics!

Published on October 22, 2013 by   ·   No Comments again would Kelly Clarkson be a bachelorette, so she sure went out in style!

The pop star, who married Brandon Blackstock yesterday in Tennessee, celebrated her waning days of singlehood last month with an adult tea party in Austin put together by the Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co.

For starters, as seen in pics posted by some of her pals, Clarkson and her guests wore retro, flapper-era accessories, and were served cocktails out of tiny tea pots labeled “moonshine,” “whiskey,” “scotch” and more.

And while the event organizers were sworn to secrecy about what went on behind closed doors at Clarkson’s private soiree, MVTP owner Sophie Parrott did divulge to E! News what the signature vintage tea parties that they throw tend to entail.

“These tea parties are usually for adults, so there are usually liquor-infused tea cocktails,” she told us. “There is always champagne involved and hot teas, as well as cakes, treats, and savories. They are quite indulgent. It is a lot of treats and nibbles and cakes.”

“The décor varies for each client,” Parrott said. “The 1920s is the most popular time right now. We do 1920s- to 1950s- themed parties. My staff and I are always ‘in character’ and dress for the time period. For instance, I play the role of the ‘Tea Party Mistress and Preservationist.'”

So it must have been Clarkson’s pals who added to the 21st-century bachelorette-party vibe with glittery pink penis decor and NSFW gift bags! “Bachelorette time. #kcbp,” one of the guests wrote on Instagram along with a pic of the racier stuff sassily juxtaposed with pastel French macaroons.

“We usually have music as well to create the mood and period,” Parrott continued. “If a client wants, we can even have live music and dancers. Sometimes our staff will jump into the Charleston. It is very much an experience and not just a typical old-fashioned tea party. It is a modern, hip reinvention of the traditional tea party. It is very saucy.

“And they aren’t just for women,” she added. “We do them for men as well. Sometimes we have a vintage photographer take Polaroids.”

What a way to celebrate!

“The Fabulous Foursome reunited. #kcbp#marveloustea,” another one of Clarkson’s guests posted to Instagram a month ago.

As for the main event, Clarkson swapped vows with Blackstock at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tenn., wearing the striking lace “Jessamine” gown by Temperley Bridal.

The bride carried a bouquet of sunflowers and Bluebonnets, the state flower of her native Texas, for the intimate, family-friendly affair—no glittery bits of male anatomy in @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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