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Britney Spears Goes Around Whipping People on British TV—Watch Now!

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Now this is Britney Spears taking London!

In Britain to promote her upcoming album, Britney Jean, the pop star ended up on a whipping tour of the studio during an appearance on the Channel 4 talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

“The bitches who work on Chatty Man, they’ve been slacking off, they don’t give a s–t anymore,” Carr lamented to his famous guest. “They need a kick up the arse!”

“OK,” Britney agreed as he held up a whip, like the one she wields in her risqué “Work Bitch” video.

“I got you this,” Carr offered. “I want you to whip people.”

And so it began.

“That cameraman over there,” the ribald host pointed, “on part two, they zoomed in on my cold sore. You know what, I don’t like that! You know what you wanna do, you wannt…”

rs_560x415-131018183914-1024.Britney-Spears-Whip.ms.101813_copyBritney cracked her whip.

“Work bitch!” Carr finished. But then he let the expert take over.

He led her backstage to the control room and introduced his producers. “Do you want to win a TV critics’ award?” he asked. “Because if so, you need to…”

“Work bitch!” Britney ordered, cracking the whip more forcefully now.

Then it was into a conference room, where more members of his team were chided for supposedly watching rival chat host Graham Norton while on the job.

“You know what, you need to…” “Work bitch!” [Crack!]

The janitor, hair-and-makeup, Carr’s partner of five years, his nan…They all got “work bitch” orders from Britney.

And it was awesome. We recommend watching the whole hilarious clip right now.

“Had a smashing good time with @AlanCarr on @chattyman! Feel free to call if u need me to whip ur people into shape ;)” Britney tweeted tonight.
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