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Fashion Face-Off: Rita Ora vs. Lucy Liu in Roberto Cavalli

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rs_634x1024-131016105429-634.Rita-Ora-Lucy-Liu.jl.101613_copyWe almost didn’t recognize this style in its second incarnation on Rita Ora, but those strange red and orange flames came flashing back into our mind from Lucy Liu‘s original appearance.

Designer Roberto Cavalli is a big fan of bold prints, and this fabric is no exception. While we appreciate the fall feel in this tweed-meets-baroque look, we’re not sure it’s working in either the Brit pop star’s skirt suit or the TV detective’s cocktail dress.

The problem with Rita’s version of the look is the problem with Rita’s version of most looks—it’s just too much. A simple, black blouse under the patterned jacket and skirt would be less offensive, as would a way more normal shoe.

But at the same time, there’s something almost too boring about Lucy Liu’s version. The red and orange at the neckline seems to come out of no where.

So which is better? Too much of a weird thing or not enough? We’re going to go with the less-is-more school of thought on this one, making Lucy our winner. What’s your take?

Who wore her Roberto Cavalli best?

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