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Robert Pattinson: Get Back Together With Your True Love, Kristen Stewart

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robertRob — you just can’t get over Kristen Stewart, and has learned EXCLUSIVELY that you’re ready to use your dogs as an excuse to set up a ‘playdate.’ Go for it, Rob!  It’s time you stopped fighting your feelings for Kristen.

Robert Pattinson – it’s been a long five months since you broke up with Kristen Stewart and you miss her even more “desperately” than ever, a source close to you reveals to EXCLUSIVELY.

Robert Pattinson Misses Kristen Stewart

Face it, Rob.  You’ve tried to leave Kristen — the woman you love — behind, but you just can’t fill that hole in your heart.

“Rob is clearly not over Kristen,” the source reveals. And it’s gotten to the point where Rob is ready to use the dogs he adopted with Kristen — Bear and Bernie — as an excuse to set up a “playdate” to see her, explains the source.

Kristen and Rob “used to take long walks in (LA’s) Griffith Park with the dogs when they were together. He wants to do that with her,” the source says. “He will make it seem like the dogs miss Kristen, which I’m sure they do, but Rob is the one who really misses her.”

Here’s the thing Rob, you’ve tried to get out and have fun. You’ve dated two other girls, semi-seriously — Riley Keough and then Dylan Penn – but neither of them, nor your hangouts and partying with friends, have replaced what you had with Kristen.

“Rob misses Kristen every single day,” another source told “They had a lot of fun when they were a couple and they laughed a lot. What Rob misses most about Kristen is her smile and the sound of her laughing. She has the most endearing smile to Rob.”

Rob, you’ve tried to stop your yearning for Kristen with girls that had some of her qualities. You apparently liked Dylan Penn because of her quirky sense of humor — something Kristen also had. And Dylan is into the music, as is Kristen.

You’ve even tried to do some things with Riley and Dylan that you and Kristen enjoyed together — like going to clubs to listen to music.

Robert Pattinson: It’s Just Not The Same Without Kristen Stewart

But, what you’ve found is that it’s just not the same. True compatibility and mutual love are not easy to replicate.

Kristen already knows that. She hasn’t dated anyone else since you two split. And she hasn’t wanted to see any other man romantically. Instead, she’s thrown herself into work — filming Camp X-Ray and then Sils Maria.

Kristen is already convinced that the love she had with you, Rob, “was one of a kind…and can never, ever be replaced,” a friend of KStew’s told EXCLUSIVELY. “She finds comfort in knowing that what they shared was the best thing that ever happened to her,” explains her friend.

 Well, Rob, if you were worried before your split that you couldn’t trust Kristen again, you have to be over that by now, if you still love her- which, apparently, you do.

You may have been broken up for these last few months but she has remained completely faithful to you.

Think about that Rob. You split up with Kristen because you couldn’t get over her short lived affair with Snow White and The Huntsmen director,Rupert Sanders. But even though you dumped her for cheating, she hasn’t even been able to look at another man since your split. She only wants and loves you.

As long as you can totally leave your anger over that cheating episode behind you, you and Kristen could really make your love work now, more than ever.

It’s Been Long Enough To Start Fresh

The split of the last few months has given you and Kristen enough time for a “fresh start,” believes relationship advice columnist, Diana Falzone.

“If they both still feel the same way about each other and Rob feels like he can trust her now, then they can move forward,” agrees psychologist, Dr. Cooper Lawrence, author of The Culture of Celebrity.

“It’s so difficult to find someone who is more than a companion. When you do, you hit the jackpot, so you should go for it,” adds Falzone.

Both she and Dr. Cooper Lawrence warn you, Rob, that you have to feel comfortable trusting Kristen again, or you’ll both just end up angry and hurt again.

You and Kristen fell in love initially when you were very young and you’re still just 27, while Kristen is 23.

Nevertheless, you’ve been through so much together. You’ve grown up together and you still both love and respect each other.

It’s absolutely worth giving your love with Kristen a second chance, Rob. Time to schedule that “playdate” with the dogs.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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