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Selena Gomez: LA’s Most Fashionable Fill Up Girl (Photos)

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selenaSelena Gomez knows a thing or two about the paparazzi—namely that no celeb moment is too typical for them to snag a shot. Case in point, the gas station fill up. In L.A., it’s as common it gets, but that doesn’t stop the long lens from capturing an A-lister the moment they get out of the car. The Spring Breakers star makes sure she looks just as hot filling up under the car port as she does stepping out on the red carpet.

Take this first look, for example. This jumpsuit is hot enough for a haute couture event, and yet the “Come & Get It” singer is rocking it in the middle of the afternoon. We appreciate that commitment to style, and those sexy spaghetti straps.

Of course it’s not all tight-fit one pieces for the former Disney star. Here, she keeps it flowy with a hippie-inspired skirt and tied-up tank. Perhaps she’s filling up en route to an indie music festival?

There’s never a bad time to show a little skin, especially when you can be sure the paps are snapping. This lace cropped top is absolutely precious, but the stomach this triple threat shows off is totally fierce. We’re also big fans of the grey denim trend.

Finally there’s our favorite look of all the denim shorts jumper. This casual style makes this A-lister look like the most fashionable girl at your junior high school, and we mean that as a compliment. The cut is youthful and fun while still be totally on trend.

This round-up proves once and for all that stars are nothing like us. Our most frequent gas station getup is PJ’s and Ugg slippers.


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