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WATCH: Restless Road Gets Standing Ovation After X Factor Debut

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Restless-Road-300x202Restless Road got a standing ovation for their FIRST-EVER performance on Wednesday’s “X Factor.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, the singers were eliminated in the Top 40 cut, but brought back by Simon Cowell to be a country “man band.”

At the end of tonight’s episode, Cowell’s groups kicked off their “four-chair challenge,” with the three former solo contestants taking the stage as a trio for the very first time.

And after getting the panel on their feet with “Somebody Like You,” Kelly Rowlanddeclared, “Wow. Wow, guys. ”

“You know, you guys are such an incredible country trio,” she continued. “This was a brilliant idea.”

Paulina Rubio told them, “I completely love you three.”

She went on, “You’re so different between each other. Your different vocals blend so well. You guys are amazing.”

“I am so excited right now. When I heard you all singing in the beginning, I just got chills all over my body because it’s so great,” said Demi Lovato before adding, “Simon, I hate to admit it, is a genius for putting you all together.”

Cowell said he was ”so sure” his group was going to work, but noted, “for it to work you’ve gotta have talent and you’ve gotta have friendship.”

“I saw both things tonight,” he continued. “I’m really impressed.”

The veteran judge added, “The room has spoken… go and take a seat.”

Check out the awesome video below!


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