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“Secret Kardashian Sister” Emilia Morales “Revealed” in FALSE OK! Cover Story

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Kardashian-Sisters-289x400“Revealed! Secret Kardashian Sister!” screams the cover of this week’s OK!, which goes on to claim that it has the “shocking truth about 21-year-old Emilia Morales” and how she might be “a new half sister” for KourtneyRobKhloe and Kim Kardashian.


According to the tabloid, the British-born Morales may be “the love child of Kim’s dad, the late Robert Kardashian.”

What’s the proof?

OK! notes she has similar “dark eyes and sultry looks as the California-born Kardashian sisters.”

Um… that’s it?


The magazine notes that Morales’ mother, whose heritage is Ecuadorian, may (or may not have) “had an affair with Robert when he was in [the London area] on business and she was working as a secretary.”

“Robert had secrets he hid from the family,” says a so-called “insider,” going on to speculate — without any specific knowledge — that the famous attorney fathered Morales, who has “the look of a Kardashian.”

Yes, dark eyes.

Very unique.

Anyway, OK! then reports that even though she’s studying aircraft engineering, Morales “lusts for the limelight and sort of reality TV fame that the Kardashians now have.”

Anyone out there still believe this report?

We should also point out that OK! is the same tabloid that embarrassingly reported that Kim was having “twins” and that Khloe was “pregnant.”

Basically, the magazine has proven to be totally unreliable when it comes to what’s real and what’s not real with the Kardashians.

A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop the “half sister” story is entirely “not true.”Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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