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Miley Cyrus On ‘Today’: ‘I’m The Happiest I’ve Ever Been’

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After shocking the world yet again with her performance on ‘Today,’ Miley sat down with Matt Lauer to talk about all of the drama invading her life — her sexy new image, her VMAs performance, and even her recent beef with Sinead O’Connor.

After the dust settled following Miley Cyrus’ racy performance of “We Can’t Stop” in Rockefeller Center in New York City on Oct. 7, it was time for the singer to get serious. And with the Today show’s veteran anchor Matt Lauer pressing her, Miley gave one of her most revealing interviews to date.


Miley Cyrus’ Revealing ‘Today’ Show Interview

Matt asked the questions everyone’s been wondering — how does she feel about her VMA performance a month later; how does she feel about the things Sinead O’Connor said to her; and how is she doing emotionally.

On Her Emotional State:

Matt didn’t ask Miley about her breakup with Liam Hemsworth, but she did hint that she’s doing better than ever now that she’s single.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life,” Miley revealed. “My plan is focusing on right now… I don’t worry about anything because I know who I am and I know I’m an artist.

On Her VMA Performance:

Miley admitted that she knew some people might be turned off by her wild performance at the VMAs, but she also said that the performance was for her fans — not those people. “I don’t ever plan to offend people but it just happens because I think people aren’t open to what they don’t understand,” she explained, also adding that she knew her fans would understand.

And after all, Miley pointed out, the performance did exactly what it was supposed to: “It went exactly as planned — it’s a month later and we’re still talking about it.”

On Her Racy Persona:

Talking about the VMAs — specifically how Miley ruined how Matt thinks of foam fingers — led to a funny exchange when Matt asked Miley if her overly sexual personality was “just a phase.”

“I heard when you turn 40 things start to go a little less sexual,” Miley quipped. “Probably around 40, around that time I heard people don’t… have sex anymore. So I guess maybe around then.” This didn’t sit well with Matt — who admitted that he was 55 years old.

“55! Then you’re definitely not sexual,” Miley responded. It’s safe to say Miley owned this interview.

On Her Feud With Sinead O’Connor:

Of course Matt had to ask about the open letters Sinead wrote to Miley, in which she called her a “prostitute.” Miley again reiterated that Sinead inspired her “Wrecking Ball” video, and that she truly respects her.

“I think she’s an incredible artist,” Miley said. “I don’t know how anyone can start a fight with someone who’s like, ‘Hey, I really respect you and I really like you — you know what, you suck!’ That was kinda crazy.”

But at the end of the day, it’s not like Miley isn’t used to criticism. “You can write as many open letters as you want. It’s nothing new for me.”

Well put.

Miley Cyrus ‘Ready For Anything’ On ‘Today’ Show

But Miley wasn’t worried about facing the music, a source close to the singer told exclusively before the interview. “She anticipated Matt asking something about her relationship with Liam and was pretty much ready for anything he happens to ask,” the source revealed. “She really wasn’t worried about anything besides being up so early.”

We love that Matt wasn’t afraid to ask her everything, and we love even more that Miley wasn’t afraid to answer it all!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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