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Chris Brown & Rihanna Had Wild Make-Up Sex After Abuse Incident

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ririchrisThough Chris’ violence against Rihanna led to a heated breakup, a source close to the ‘Unapologetic’ singer has revealed to EXCLUSIVELY that their reunion afterwards was even more passionate!

The harder the breakup, the fiercer the make-up, right? That was at least the case for Chris Brown and Rihanna when they got back together after their domestic abuse incident in 2009.


Rihanna & Chris Brown’s Hot Make-Up Sex

Chris revealed that his violent mistake — hitting Rihanna — in 2009 was the“biggest wake-up call” of his life, in a new interview with The Guardian, but what he failed to mention was how it spurred a passionate reunion for him and RiRi.

“If you want to talk about sex, they had a ton of make-up sex after that,” a source close to Rihanna tells exclusively. “Chris messed up but he apologized and learned his lesson and she forgave him.”

Looks like there’s a silver lining to everything!

Rihanna: Chris Brown Is ‘A Beast In Bed’

Though, Rihanna’s make-up sex with Chris may have been extra streamy because he’s just so darn good at it. In the new interview, Chris also revealed that he lost his virginity at eight years old, but RiRi apparently wasn’t surprised at all by Chris having so many extra years of sexual experience.

“The fact that he had sex when he was young wasn’t new or a secret to her,” the same source told “She and him had what they had and he was a beast in bed.”

Honestly, he must be incredible if their hookups were good enough to make Rihanna forget about how he physically abused her.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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