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Kanye West Compares Himself to Vanellope von Schweetz From Wreck-It Ralph

Published on September 26, 2013 by   ·   No Comments does Kanye West have in common with a Walt Disney Pictures character? Let the rapper explain.

In the third installment of his interview with the BBC Radio 1, the 36-year-old musician compared himself to Vanellope von Schweetz, the video game glitch voiced bySarah Silverman in 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph.

The “Black Skinhead” rapper used the film as an analogy for how he’s perceived in the fashion world

“It’s in my code,” West said of his passion for design. “Have y’all ever seen Wreck-It Ralph? You remember how that girl in there—the people that was racing? She was the glitch. You’re telling me they don’t look at me like the motherf–king glitch? You’re telling me people don’t look at Kanye West like the glitch? Right now.”

“She was on the side of the video game, the whole time!” West shouted, referring to Vanellope’s realization that she’s the video game’s star and not its downfall. “It’s in my code.” Zane Lowe then connected the rapper’s haters to Vannellope’s enemies in the film—most notably Taffyta Muttonfudge, voiced by Mindy Kaling. “Yeah, they broke Vanellope’s car!” said. “Vanellope Von Schweetz, they broke her car!”

As far as his own critics go, West said he’s on a mission to prove them wrong. “I’m doing it for everyone,” he explained. “I’m doing it for the people who don’t appreciate it, because they’ll appreciate it later, and of course I’m doing it for the people who appreciate it.Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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